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How Bexleyheath Broadway has changed since 1945 – with nostalgic pictures

How Bexleyheath Broadway has changed since 1945 – with nostalgic pictures


We’ve taken two satellite images sideby side, which have revealed the landscape of Bexleyheath Broadway in 1945 compared to the latest imaging in 2022.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest changes, including the relocation of the current library in 1980, the opening of the Broadway Shopping Centre in 1984 and the opening of the ASDA superstore in 2011.

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Broadway Shopping Centre

Bexleyheath’s Broadway Shopping Centre opened in its current form in 1984, although outer parts of the shopping centre opened earlier.

You can see from the images where the Broadway shopping centre was built on the bottom right with Albion Road running on the south side of the centre.

The ASDA superstore

The ASDA superstore, which opened in 2011, can be seen on the bottom left hand side of the image taken from 2022.

The Goals Bexleyheath

The Goals Bexleyheath sporting complex can be seen on the top left of the image taken from 2022 which was built on an existing green space.

New housing and roads

Between 1945 and 2022 new roads and housing were built including Arnsberg Way and Russell Close.

The top right of the image taken from 1945 shows how the area was mainly green space. However the image from 2022 shows how more houses and roads were built in the area, along with Arnsberg Way leading to the ASDA superstore.

Bexleyheath Central Library

The first Bexleyheath Central Library opened in 1934 on Bexleyheath Broadway, however in 1980 the new building that houses the library currently was opened.

The building was refurbished in 2005, which included the construction of a new entrance.

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The image taken in 2022 shows the addition of new businesses including the Premier Inn, Primark, and Bexley Central Library towards the left of Broadway Shopping Centre.

Tenpin bowling and EDF energy

Between 1945 and 2022 new buildings were built in the area of the bottom left of the satellite image, including a Tenpin bowling alley and the EDF energy building.


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