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Past time to act on gun control


What is it going to take for U.S. senators who are under the influence of the National Rifle Association to say enough is enough?

The senators, mostly from the GOP, complain that every time there is a mass shooting, we have a meeting to discuss what should be done and nothing happens. But nothing happens because those senators block whatever type of gun control is considered.

And why? Because the NRA makes massive campaign money available to the senators. It’s about time those senators get a backbone and stand up for what is right, get gun control passed and tell the NRA that something has to be done about the ease of getting semiautomatic weapons.

Do you need a semiautomatic gun to go hunting? If you shot at a wild animal with that type of gun, it would look like Swiss cheese; there would not be much left of it.

Yes, we need to be able to own handguns for self-defense and shotguns for hunting and sport shooting, but semiautomatic guns have no place in the hands of people who just want to see how many helpless citizens they can kill.

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