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is now offering users the option to subscribe to standalone add-on channels without signing up for the platform’s base plan. You can choose from 20 channels, including , Showtime and . Epix and Starz, which will in certain territories, are among the options as well. YouTube TV is following the likes of , , and Sling TV in adding standalone channel subscriptions.

The cable-style YouTube TV base plan and includes more than 85 channels (the full line up will vary slightly, depending on your location). But you’ll no longer need that to access MLB.TV, Cinemax et al through the service. Users who opt out of the base plan can still take advantage of YouTube TV features such as unlimited DVR space, up to six profiles per household and three simultaneous streams.

To some, it might seem unnecessary to sign up for standalone channels through services like YouTube TV when they have their own apps. There are some benefits though, especially if you subscribe to more than one. You’ll be able to access the services from a single app that might be available on more platforms than standalone apps for , Acorn and so on. Managing your subscriptions with a single bill may be useful too.

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