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Russian jet ‘released missile’ near RAF aircraft during patrol over Black Sea

A missile was released from a Russian aircraft near an unarmed RAF plane on a routine patrol over the Black…

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Second world war shipwreck is leaking toxic chemicals in the North Sea

A German warship, the V-1302 John Mahn, was sunk in 1942 and is currently leaking toxic chemical and heavy metals…

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Smart buoy ‘hears’ the sea to protect whales against ship collisions | Engadget

Whales face numerous threats from humans, not the least of which are ship collisions — the World Sustainability Organization estimates…

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Sun, sea and unlimited champagne – is this the ultimate girls’ holiday in St Tropez?

EATING IN A delicious fresh breakfast is provided every morning of your stay: platters of fruit, local pastries, eggs, cereal,…

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How Bentley salvaged a disaster after 189 cars sank to the bottom of the sea

In Crewe, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark and his global team quickly got to work, even as the Felicity Ace still…

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United Kingdom

New UK oil and gas licences in North Sea face legal challenge

UK regulators on Friday fired the starting gun on a new round of licences enabling companies to explore for oil…

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Sweden seizes evidence at Baltic Sea pipeline leak site

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Sweden’s domestic security agency said Thursday that its preliminary investigation of leaks from two Russian gas…

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Vegas News

North Korea launches 2 more ballistic missiles; one lands in Sea of Japan

North Korea launched two more ballistic missiles Thursday morning, one of which landed in the Sea of Japan, U.S. officials…

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USA News

As Salton Sea faces ecological collapse, a plan to save it with ocean water is rejected

For as long as the Salton Sea has faced the threat of ecological collapse, some local residents and environmentalists have…

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South Korea, U.S. fire missiles into the sea to protest ‘reckless’ North Korea test

Article content SEOUL — South Korea and the U.S. military conducted missile drills in response to North Korea’s launch of…

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