Response to Comment on “Resolving spatial and energetic distributions of trap states in metal halide perovskite solar cells”

Abstract Ravishankar et al. claimed that drive-level capacitance profiling (DLCP) cannot resolve trap density in perovskites of given thickness. We…

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Metal fatigue apparently played role in engine explosion on United flight over Denver, NTSB chief says

Metal fatigue apparently played a role in the engine explosion on a United Airlines flight over Denver Saturday, National Transportation…

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Transition metal ‘cocktail’ helps make brand new superconductors

IMAGE: Schematic of the CuAl2-type crystal structure of the newly created superconducting Co0.2Ni0.1Cu0.1Rh0.3Ir0.3Zr2 compound, with an HEA-type Tr site…. view more …

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