Therapists Should Build a New Cultural Competence: ‘Onlineness’

Many humanistic therapists aspire to practice “unconditional positive regard,” an unwavering acceptance and support of the client popularized by American…

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For All Mankind Takes a Giant Leap for Competence Porn

Before the 2019 premiere of AppleTV+’s For All Mankind, series creator Ronald D. Moore told journalists that the show was…

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Vegas News

LETTER: Where is the competence in Washington, D.C.?

One subject we should all agree on is competence in government. Yet we see mistake after public policy mistake made,…

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United Kingdom

Creaking Scottish ferry network undermines SNP’s competence credentials

When the Arran ferry does not sail, a wave of social and economic disruption washes across this beautiful Scottish island.…

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Reynolds and Reynolds CFO says he didn’t doubt Bob Brockman’s mental competence

In a related development this week, Swiss bank Mirabaud & Cie. faces new questions from a powerful U.S. lawmaker about…

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