Ritu collected five cent coins to save up and flee her abusive husband. This is why she’s celebrating the Budget

Ritu Dhar started collecting coins after she decided she could no longer live with her abusive husband. As a newly-arrived…

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United Kingdom

Bins to be collected every three weeks across Aberdeenshire under new plans to increase recycling – Evening Express

Bin collections across Aberdeenshire will be reduced to every three weeks under new plans to encourage more recycling. The proposed…

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Before Jan. 6, FBI collected information from at least 4 Proud Boys

Breadcrumb Trail Links World Author of the article: Publishing date: Apr 26, 2021  •  35 minutes ago  •  9 minute read…

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Tesla says data collected in China is stored there

Tesla Inc. has pledged to store any data it collects in China in the country, a month after its cars…

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Ethnic and language data will soon be collected from everyone receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

The federal government says country of birth and language data will soon be collected from all people presenting for a…

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Data on plastic pollution collected by Mallorcan students contribute to change At international level

Save The Med’s popular education programme “Dos Manos” invites students to explore the issue of plastic pollution in the marine…

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JAXA shows the sub-surface samples it collected from asteroid Ryugu

Shortly after Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe returned to Earth, JAXA showed off some of the samples it collected from asteroid Ryugu.…

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