Tottenham star Harry Kane details future ambitions and elaborates on Euro 2020 dream

HARRY KANE expressed concerns about being made to feel old before his time in the days before making it clear he no longer wants to play for Tottenham.

But he also says he sees his top-level football career lasting another seven or eight years – before ambitious plans to see out the swansong of his playing days trying to crack NFL.

In an interview to preview the forthcoming European Championships on, the England captain speaks wistfully about players such as Phil Foden and Mason Mount, who are getting the opportunity to play in the Champions League final at an age when their career is very much in front of them.

Kane, 28 next month, admits the young Three Lions in the squad are a constant reminder that he is very much entering the second half of his own playing career.

“I am only 27 but I feel like I am 35 because everybody coming through with England is so young,” he told Joe. “And it is great for our national games that so many of them are playing in the Champions League final.

“I am delighted for them to have that experience at, for many of them, a very young age.”

In earlier interviews Kane had already spoken about his frustration at being unable to win team honours to go with some of his individual accolades.

Many feel that the desire to move this summer is a last-chance at a lucrative contract and perhaps an opportunity to pick up a medal or two.

However, Kane started his first Premier League game for Tottenham just seven years and a month ago and he still feels he has at least that time to establish a new name for himself at another, more successful club.

“Coaching does not really interest me at the moment,” he said. “But that is quite a way away. I want to be playing at the highest level for at least another seven or eight years – we will wait and see.”

Kane’s long term plan is to leave football altogether – association football, at least.

“I have got my eye more on an NFL job – and maybe pursue that as a career after football,” he said.

“To be able to play in the Premier League at the highest level and world football at the highest level to then hopefully one day play in the NFL to be able to cross paths and play two major sports at the highest level would be an incredible feeling and incredible experience.

“There is motivation for me to be one of the first people to do that. Still early days yet but late thirties if I’m still in good shape I’d love to give it a go and take it on as a career.”

His more immediate concern, of course, is Euro 2020.

He may not have been able to lift silverware with Tottenham, but could he put that right with England in the summer?

“To get to the semi final in Russia was extremely good and great to have that experience but to lose gives you that extra bit of fire inside to go all the way in the next tournament,” Kane said.

“We’re in a good place. We’ve learnt from that, the squad’s improved, mentally and physically, we’ve got more experience and more players playing at the highest level in the biggest games.

“We’re excited for it and in a good place but we’re going to have to handle the pressure and the expectation if we want to be a top team.”

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