Novak Djokovic apologises to Roger Federer in wholehearted tribute

“I think I can speak on my own behalf of what got me the most emotional is when his children came up and I saw them tearing up,” he smiled, before adding: “Sorry Roger, I don’t want to tear you up again but it’s a very nice moment and it’s very nice to see Roger’s parents here in London and his family, Mirka, kids.” 

Djokovic also said he shared Federer’s feelings about family support as he continued: “I understand and emphasise with Roger because I understand entirely what is necessary for you to be on the tour for a long amount of time. It’s an individual sport so people think it’s only up to us, we take the blame and we take the credit which is one part. 

“But you wouldn’t be able to do it without your closest ones and he said it beautifully yesterday, his wife Mirka allowed him to play for many years.”

Djokovic then cracked one final joke before heading off to prepare for the final match of the night – his doubles with Matteo Berrettini. He laughed: “And I’m talking too much but there’s a lot I want to say. I’m sorry, I haven’t been on the tour a while and I also witnessed something incredibly unique and special but I gotta run cos I’ve got to be on the court in 20 minutes or so.”

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