Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in agreement after Laver Cup loss

“I was never worried that going away from the Laver Cup I’d be, ‘Oh, I’ll be less of a rival with that guy. I will always keep the same intensity up’.

“For me, that’s why I love this week. I think playing this type of environment helps also for big matches down the stretch. I loved my time on the team. Learned a lot again. Just seeing champions at work has been great, and being up close it’s something I will obviously always miss. I won’t be on the bench anymore. I don’t think I should be.

“Yeah, so a lot to say thank you to the guys, everybody who was so good to me, this week is special, Novak and Andy, and of course Rafa. The takeaway is that you can co-exist easily in this environment.”

Djokovic agreed, adding: “Look, as Roger said, co-existing in this environment with respect and admiration for each other is something that I feel like we can all do, and we are, in a way, responsible to do. I think it’s something that it’s rational and expected.

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