Live: Demons get the jump on Bulldogs early in historic AFL grand final

After two weeks of lead-up, the last game of the season is finally off and running. Will Melbourne break the drought, or will the sons of the West win in the west?

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By Dean Bilton


It’s normally the Dogs who are the masters of spreading from the stoppages, but this time it was Melbourne taking it almost the length of the ground in quick time. Fritsch got out the back and took the mark on the goalline.

By Dean Bilton

14′: Bayley Fritsch marks in the goalsquare! The Dees broke from a stoppage on the wing and are about to have their second goal…

By Dean Bilton

15′: Dogs on the board thanks to a rushed behind. It was Josh Schache’s snap, but Cody Weightman got the last touch on it on the line. He also axed himself on the goal post.

By Dean Bilton


Off a step, from 45 metres, the superstar Demon opens his team’s account! They’ve made a fantastic start here Melbourne, their physicality around the ball and structure behind it are a big problem for the Dogs.

By Dean Bilton

17′: Brown misses badly. Barely a behind.

By Dean Bilton

17′: Take two for Melbourne, this one coming from Ben Brown! Oliver has been everywhere so far, and was the man to spot up Brown in the pocket. Big chance for the first goal…

By Dean Bilton

18′: First real chance coming up for Alex Neal-Bullen. Cordy’s attempted clearance went out of the full, so the Dee will kick from the boundary, about 40 out…

It’s not bad, but it’s short! A rushed behind.

By Dean Bilton

20′: The hottest of starts in the centre as Libba pings Oliver holding the ball. A little slow getting it forward though, and Melbourne’s defensive set up stops the attack.

By Dean Bilton

Here we go

By Dean Bilton

Jako’s got the cup

Channel Seven

And he has delivered it to Garry Lyon and Chris Grant.

Channel Seven

We’re into the anthem now, performed by Amy Manford. It’s nearly go time.

By Dean Bilton

It’s a grand old flag…

For the first time since 2000, the Melbourne players are on deck on grand final day. History beckons for the Demons, can they seize it?

By Dean Bilton

The sons of the west are here!

The Bulldogs have taken to the Perth Stadium field. The coaches have done all they can, it’s up to those Dogs now.

By Dean Bilton

It’s nearly time…

How we feeling, Dees/Dogs fans? It’s been a long two weeks, but there’s only a few more minutes of excruciating pain to go.

Proud Melbourne supporter for sixty years. Love affair began when someone gave me a second or third hand jumper when I was eight. Loved the Deez ever since, waiting ever so impatiently for The Big Dance to begin.


Go bulldogs


You are dreaming if you think Gawny will be nullified by any one. The man is unstoppable! And yes I’m Mrs Gawn, I have the nickname in a group chat to prove it.

-Mrs Gawn

This one’s for Jim Stynes.

-Dharma Bro

By Dean Bilton

Gang’s all here for Land Down Under

Including an appearance from Men at Work’s Colin Hay, piped in from LA.

Channel Seven

By Dean Bilton

Sometimes you kick, sometimes you get kicked

Get it? Because it’s footy!

We had John Butler doing Great Southern Land before, and now it’s Eskimo Joe with INXS’s ‘Kick’.

Channel Seven

By Dean Bilton

Eskimo Joe are back!

Two guess as to what they’re playing. If you guess ‘Black Fingernails’ and ‘Red Wine’, you win!

Channel Seven

By Dean Bilton

Baker Boy is good

He started with an interesting Kylie Minogue mash up, but moved into Meditjin complete with his own didgeridoo. He’s really good.

Channel Seven

By Dean Bilton

Pre-match hype has begun

After Welcome to Country from Dr Richard Walley, we’ve got a sweet Mike Brady medely from lockdown in Melbourne.

And now a selection of Aussie classics, from a selection of Aussie classics. And we’re in Perth, which can only mean one thing — ACDC covers!

Aren’t the punters loving it.

Getty Images

By Dean Bilton

Final teams are in

No late changes for either side.

Melbourne’s medical sub will be James Jordon, and the Bulldogs’ Laitham Vandermeer.

And yes, that means there is only one hour to go…

By Dean Bilton


No joke, we’ve just had two people predicting draws. We might be here all night!


-Shock and horror!

Winner: Dees in overtime
Margin: 4 points
Norm Smith: Maxy
First goal: Cody
Surprise hero: Bailey Dale


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