Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr CALLED OFF by BBBofC

The British Boxing Board of Control have confirmed they have prohibited Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr from going ahead following ‘an adverse analytical finding for trace amounts of a fertility drug’ in one of the Destroyer’s voluntary testing samples. After several hours of conflicting information, the BBBofC have finally broken their silence on the mouth-watering spectacle, claiming they have informed all parties that the bout cannot go ahead.

An official statement read: “On the evening of 4th October 2022, the Board of the British Boxing Board of Control Limited resolved that the contest between Chris Eubank Jnr and Conor Benn scheduled to take place on 8th October 2022 is prohibited as it is not in the interests of Boxing.”

A few hours earlier, Matchroom Boxing and Wasserman released a joint statement outlining their commitment to pushing ahead with the fight – despite acknowledging Benn’s adverse finding.

It read: “We have been made aware that a random anti-doping test for Conor Benn conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association returned an adverse analytical finding for trace amounts of a fertility drug. The B sample has yet to be tested, meaning that no rule violation has been confirmed. Indeed, Mr. Benn has not been charged with any rule violation, he is not suspended, and he remains free to fight.

“Mr. Benn has since passed a doping control test conducted by the UK Anti-Doping Agency, the anti-doping authority to which the British Board of Boxing Control has delegated its doping control testing for the bout. Mr. Benn has passed all doping control tests conducted by UKAD.

“Both fighters have taken medical and legal advice, are aware of all relevant information, and wish to proceed with the bout this Saturday.”

Eddie Hearn has since moved to clarify the latest developments following the BBBofC statement that appears to confirm Benn vs Eubank Jr will not be taking place.

The Matchroom chief appears to be ready to apply for a court injunction that could yet allow the contest to take place in a shock twist.

“We’ve just seen the British Boxing Board of Control statement which is pretty straightforward, it’s with the lawyers right now going backward and forwards,” Hearn said on Matchroom socials, seemingly suggesting he is still pushing for the fight to take place.

“Both fighters signed up to a multitude of testing for this fight, the UKAD testing which is the testing agency that the British Boxing Board of Control uses and is governed by, have all been cleared.

“There has not been an official doping violation, there’s a process that we have to go through.

“Conor Benn is not suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control. Ultimately, he can’t be because he’s passed all of the tests on UKAD.

“We’ll deal with the lawyers, both camps have been made aware previously to the article coming out about the situation but both camps are prepared to progress with the fight but ultimately, the conversations have to be had with the lawyers and British Boxing Board of Control.”

The promoters can still technically apply for fresh licensing from an alternative board – as seen in 2012 (The Luxembourg Boxing Federation) when David Haye beat Derek Chisora at Upton Park.

However, that seems unlikely given as Hearn stated – Benn is still technically free of sanctions having passed his UKAD testing, and is, therefore, able to fight.

Speaking on talkSPORT this morning, Kalle Sauerland revealed both he and his fighter were happy to proceed with the contest after Eubank Jr held private discussions with Benn.

He said: “There were findings of a female fertility drug in a voluntary testing scheme, which is in addition to the UKAD testing scheme.

“They both wanted to sign up to a voluntary scheme as well and at the end of August and beginning of September, there was a test taken in which there were traces of a female fertility drug, Clomiphene.

“That was then relayed to us when the tests came back. The British board follows UKAD and the UKAD tests were all presented to us as negative.

“That’s the position from a licensing point of view that let us proceed. We took medical advice and the substance is a non-PED.

“In the meantime, it can raise testosterone levels but the experts we consulted couldn’t see that it would be giving an advantage.

“So on the basis of that, we discussed with the most important person on our side and that’s the athlete and he was happy to continue.

“He spoke to Benn directly, there was a direct discussion between the two. I’m not privileged to mention what was said as I wasn’t part of that discussion.

“But at the same time, they had a personal discussion, it seems to be a personal matter from Conor Benn. At the same time we have to focus on the show on Saturday.”

The developments come in light of pleas from Chris Eubank Snr, who has been urging fans to boycott the fight as he snubbed all involvement with the spectacle.

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