Teenager performs life-saving CPR on Perth train

A teenage girl has described the panicky moments when she saved the life of a train passenger whose heart had stopped by performing CPR.

Alanah Dunstan, 18, said she noticed an older man breathing heavily after he rushed past her to board the Thornlie train line on Thursday.

“Two stops down and all of his muscles tightened or locked up, his arms flung towards his chest and he fell forward,” she told Radio 6PR on Tuesday.

Ms Dunstan, who had senior first aid training, and another woman sprang forward and immediately put the man in the recovery position.

“I yelled at this young girl to call triple zero, and then I yelled at another man on the train to tell the train driver,” she said.

Another passenger helped her search for the man’s pulse because she was shaking so much.

When his faint pulse disappeared, Ms Dunstan helped flip him on to his back and began CPR.

“Time went by so quickly,” she said. “We stopped at Burswood, the next (station) down, and the train driver came out and saw me giving CPR in the middle of the aisle, and he ran back into his carriage, and all of a sudden we were heading at break-neck speed back down to Perth, where the ambulances met us.”

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