Retired jet airliner hits the open road in Perth

PEOPLE have lined to the streets to catch a glimpse of a Boeing 737-200 as it left Perth Airport and hit the open road bound for its new permanent home in a paddock in York.

The jet airliner left the airport just after 11am and is travelling along Roe Hwy and Great Eastern Hwy on its way to the White Gum Air Park in the Avon Valley.

The plane, once the pride and joy of the low-cost OzJet fleet, has been parked at Perth Airport since the airline went into administration in 2009.

Since then it has deteriorated and accumulated parking fees in excess of its value.

Camera IconOzjet 2 Credit: Andrew Ritchie

The plane, as well as another 737-200 were saved from the wrecker’s yard by a couple of aviation-mad enthusiasts and eager volunteers who couldn’t bear to see them ripped apart for scrap.

Plane enthusiast Andrew Cotterell wanted to give these two aircraft a new lease on life so he formed the group Save the Boeing 737-200.

Ozjet 3
Camera IconOzjet 3 Credit: Andrew Ritchie

He said one of the aircraft will serve as a monument and educational piece to past aviation while the other will form a unique, West Australian experience where people can spend the weekend in their own Boeing 737, without being cramped.

Toll was tasked with the mammoth operation to transport the aircraft, measuring 30.5 metres long with a 28.3 metre wing span, 5.5 metres high and weighing 28 tonnes some 100km by road to their new resting place.

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