Pub ban drives vegan activist Tash Peterson out of WA

Hardline vegan Tash Peterson is bailing on WA after being banned from every pub in the State.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, Ms Peterson, 27, said she had been served a notice banning her from every licensed premises in WA.

If she does set foot in any pub, club or restaurant serving booze she can be charged with trespass and cop a $10,000 fine.

“I’ve woken up again to the police knocking on my door,” she said.

“Anything that sells liquor, I’m not allowed into or I’ll be charged for trespass.”

Camera IconTash Peterson says she’ll now head to the eastern states. Credit: Tash Peterson/Instagram

Peterson said the ban was in response to her May protest in which she accosted diners at a Bathers Beach seafood restaurant accusing them of being complicit in a “fish holocaust”.

She claimed the ban was being used to “silence” her.

“This is not an alcohol related incident,” she said.

“I wasn’t drunk. I barely drink alcohol. They’re just using it to try to stop me protesting.”

The vegan activist during a protest at Bather's Beach.
Camera IconThe vegan activist during a protest at Bather’s Beach. Credit: Tash Peterson/Instagram

But Ms Peterson claimed she was unmoved by the ban and was planning on taking her unique brand of activism elsewhere.

“Guess what WA I’m getting the f..k out of here anyway so I can continue to do my protesting in other states in places that sell alcohol,” she said.

“I’m probably going to be over east in one month’s time and I’m flying out on Monday.”

She said she would appeal the banning notice regardless.

Ms Peterson was banned from Coles and Woolworths last year after a series of protests in supermarkets.

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