Nation’s most decorated cop: ‘We must not forget Bali pain’

Each year at this time, Tim Britten feels a deep, lingering pain emanating from his extraordinary role in the response to the Bali bombings of 2002.

Hailed a hero for his courageous rescue attempts in the immediate aftermath of the terror attacks and now a Senior Sergeant with WA Police, he says the annual anniversary brings a sensory overload he expects will be with him for life.

“You can never fully come back from this,” Sen. Sgt. Britten told The West Australian. “The attack in Bali is always on the edge of my conscious being, it’s always just there and I can be back there in seconds.

“It’s in my head and everything is still fresh. I can still smell it and even taste it in the back of my throat. It’s always going to be raw.”

Britten was working with the United Nations in East Timor at the time of the bombings, but was in Bali that night and just 800 metres from the popular nightclubs that were at the centre of the attack.

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