Grant Denyer wins battle with New Idea over ‘false’ affair story


TV presenter Grant Denyer has won a battle with the tabloid magazine New Idea, forcing it to publicly apologise for publishing a false front cover story about him having an affair.

Denyer shared in an Instagram post on Monday he had received a “confidential settlement” from the magazine after almost two months of testifying against its “sensationalised” claims.

The tabloid published a story implying Denyer was having an affair with his Dancing with the Stars partner Lily Cornish in October.

“As many of you have already read and raised with us, New Idea have printed today on the editor’s page an apology to Chezzi, Lily and myself for their most recent attack – the false, sensationalised, out of context and wrong front cover,” Denyer said in the post, accompanied with a picture of the magazine’s apology.

“And they have admitted (which very rarely ever happens) that the article was false.

“They also have admitted that they regret publishing the article.”

Denyer said he could not disclose details but noted that he had every intention of suing New Idea before a “suitable confidential settlement” was reached outside of court.

It includes “most importantly, a public apology and admission that the story and headline were false.”

Denyer said while he, his wife Chezzi, and Cornish, could never remove the front cover from circulation, “we hope this sets a serious precedent for the future”.

“Thanks to each and every one of you who have sent us letters, emails and messages of support throughout this, and to all of those who passed on their distain (sic) to New Idea and boycotted the magazine, we thank you from the bottom of our heart. Without your support the 3 of us may not have been brave enough to take on this media giant,” he said.

Grant and Chezzi Denyer at the Logie Awards in 2018. Photo: Getty

Earlier on Monday, New Idea apologised for its article conveying that Denyer was having an extramarital affair with Cornish, and the heartbreak it caused Chezzi.

“Are Media and New Idea acknowledge that Grant Denyer and Lily Cornish are not having an extramarital affair. They have never had an affair,” it said in the apology.

The original article published by New Idea contained photos of Denyer and Cornish together with captions including “Grant Denyer caught out” and “Chezzi’s heartbreak.”

The Denyers immediately refuted the claims on social media, with Chezzi saying Cornish was a close friend of the couple.

“Lilz is like our adopted daughter,” she said in October.

“We grew extremely close during her month long stay with us here in Bathurst. We absolutely adore her!”

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