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Texas woman cons men out of Rolex watches and fancy cars through ‘romance scam’

A Texas woman scammed her way to fancy cars and Rolex watches by tricking hood-winked suitors with the false hope of love, the feds said Thursday.

Dominique Golden, 31, of Houston, netted a jaw-dropping $2.6 million in the scam where victims would send money to the vixens they met online, according to federal prosecutors in Rhode Island.

Golden reeled in $1.26 million in cash, checks, money orders and wire transfers. She then used the assets to buy two luxury cars – a 2018 Bentley Bentayga and a 2017 Mercedes E-Class— and three Rolex watches.

She agreed to forfeit those prized possessions along with a 16-inch golden chain and 24-inch golden chain, as well as three guns, when she pleaded guilty to charges Thursday, the US Attorney for the District of Rhode Island said.

Collection of Rolex watches on display in a showcase.
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2017 Mercedes E-Class
2017 Mercedes E-Class, similar to the one Dominique Golden had.
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She also was required to give up more than $11,000 from her Houston home and tucked in the Bentley, the US Office said.

Golden and other members of the scheme cultivated relationships with unsuspecting victims through the internet and on communication apps and then convince them to send them money after they earned the victims’ trust.

She opened various mailboxes and bank accounts under fake names and businesses to receive funds from the “romance scam,” prosecutors said. Over the course of almost a year in 2018, she cashed in before her eventual guilty plea to a count each of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire each this week.

Her sentencing will be Dec. 6, 2022.

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