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Photos: Activists hit the streets worldwide to demand action on climate change

Thousands of environmental activists staged a rally outside Germany’s parliament Friday, two days before the country holds a national election, to demand that politicians take stronger action to curb climate change.

The protest outside the Reichstag in Berlin was part of a string of rallies around the world, including Japan, Britain, Italy and India — amid warnings the planet faces dangerous temperature rises unless greenhouse gas emissions are cut sharply in coming years.

While many of the protests were family affairs, activists in Britain blocked the country’s busiest ferry port Friday to highlight the climate situation.


Calling for action on climate change, a rally at the Reichstag in Berlin draws thousands Friday as the nation prepares for national elections.

(Maja Hitij / Getty Images)

Masks at a rally read "No planet B" and "Act now."

Participants in a global climate strike in Berlin. Spurred by the international Fridays for Future movement, gatherings were held around the world.

(Markus Schreiber/Associated Press)


Activists lie in a street. A police officer looks on.

Environmental activists, many of them students, rally in Warsaw as part of a global action to demand that leaders take stronger measures to curb climate change

(Czarek Sokolowski / Associated Press)


A large globe is used in a street protest.

Students in Milan march as part of the Fridays for Future movement’s climate initiatives.

(Luca Bruno / Associated Press)


A young woman holds a sign that reads, "Don't go breaking my planet."

A march in Lisbon as young people demand action on climate change. The Fridays for Future movement was inspired by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

(Armando Franca / Associated Press)


A man holds a sign that reads, "Last chance to save the world."

In London, people gather as part of the global Fridays for Future movement. Britain is set to host the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in November.

(David Cliff / Associated Press)


A marcher holds a sign that reads, "Eat the rich, not animals."

Marchers in Vienna draw attention to climate change.

(Lisa Leutner / Associated Press)


Activists participate in a protest march as part of the Fridays for Future climate movement's initiatives in India.

In New Delhi, marchers join in a global Fridays for Future call to action.

(Manish Swarup / Associated Press)

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