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Larry Elder’s private charity was a bust, and questions swirl over where the money went

Larry Elder, the GOP front-runner in California’s recall election to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom, has long trumpeted a libertarian view on the “welfare state” and its excesses, arguing private charity is a better solution than government programs.

But the conservative radio host’s own nonprofit raised little cash and made no grants in the nearly two decades it was active, a Times review of its annual tax filings show.

From 1998 through 2014, Larry Elder Charities Inc. raised about $20,000, according to public tax filings. It spent no money on any services, other than accounting, legal and filing fees to keep the organization in good standing. The organization has been suspended by the state since 2015 for failing to pay a filing fee, according to a spokesperson with the Franchise Tax Board.

The IRS automatically revoked the charity’s tax-exempt status in 2018, three years after it stopped filing the required paperwork, according to IRS records.