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Dump truck! Thief steals rig, learns it’s loaded with bat poop

This crook swiped the world’s crappiest “Batmobile.”

A bumbling bandit made off with a truck parked near a Nebraska pest control company  — only to find the rig loaded with hundreds of pounds of bat poop, according to wild footage and its owner.

In the embarrassing flap, the thief is shown driving away with a 14-foot trailer of 500 to 700 pounds of bat feces in the parking lot of Borland Wildlife Solutions in Lincoln on Sunday, according to 1011 Now.

The truck filled with bat guano was parked near a Nebraska pest control company

“That’s all they got,”  the firm’s owner, Steve Borland, told the local station. “The trailer, the equipment, and 700 pounds of bat guano.”

Borland’s company removes the disease-carrying critter droppings from the attics of local homes with a vacuum before hauling it away in bags, he said.

Dried bat guano and bird droppings are shown on a metal surface
The 14-foot trailer had 500 to 700 pounds of bat feces.
Getty Images/iStockphoto
Fat bags stuffed with bat guano is shown alongside tubing in a person's arms
The owner of the truck suspects the thief assumed the truck was filled with expensive equipment

He said the total joker likely assumed the rig was full of expensive equipment.

The crook is still at large and the trailer, reportedly valued at $15,000, is still missing.

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