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Why do we have Bank Holidays? by Zubayda Alege from Townley Grammar

Two weeks ago on the eighth of September, Queen Elizabeth died. At the time of this remorseful event, my friend wondered aloud the question of how long we would be off school. To of course get the chance to mourn, reflect and remember the great par takings she has done. Done for the: British people, the United Kingdom, and the wider Commonwealth. My Friend was right since we just had a bank holiday to allow people via the news or in-person to follow the details of her funeral. This led me to the question: What is a bank holiday, who decided/decides where they are placed?  

Bank holidays were created under this 1971 Act, days were listed in this act some stated by the Monarch (Royal proclamations).  These can change or be added as seen recently bank holidays, for example, the sovereign can signify a bank holiday set by legislation to be altered to a different day. Most likely on the Minister’s advisement. BEIS is a government department for bank holidays.  

The legislation in the Banking and Financial Dealings act states in simplified terms that no one is allowed to make any payment or to do any act on a bank holiday under this Act which they would not be able to make or do on Christmas Day or Good Friday (more back in the day). The person’s obligation to make the payment/ act shall be judged to be related to activities on the following day that they commit to doing. 

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