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Tory MSP’s tweet calls into question his knowledge of his own seat

ONE Tory MSP has had a busy summer – visiting almost 3000 constituents. The only trouble is, it’s not clear how many of those were actually his.

Craig Hoy was elected to represent South Scotland in Holyrood in the May elections, but he doesn’t seem to have completely grasped what that means.

Congratulating himself on a successful “summer surgery street tour”, the Scottish Tory tweeted: “It was great to get out and about in East Lothian, Midlothian and the Borders during my summer surgery tour and speak to so many residents.”

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He added that he had “knocked on 1563 doors, contacted 2913 constituents, visited 48 streets, [and] picked up dozens of cases”.

Unfortunately for Hoy, it is unclear exactly how many of those knocked doors were in his South Scotland region.

If the MSP’s own map is anything to go by, not all of them were.

He seems to have visited places such as Dalkeith, Loanhead, and passed through the Pentland Hills. The issue is that none of those fall under his remit.

Instead, those are all in the Lothian region.

If the Tory MSP doesn’t even know where the borders to his own region are it doesn’t bode too well for the rest of his role…

The Scottish Tories and Hoy have been approached for comment.

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