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SNP urge Labour to call vote of no confidence in Conservative government

The SNP have called on Labour to call a vote of no confidence in the Conservative government and force a general election.

Following the resignation of Liz Truss a leadership contest is taking place within the Tory party, with Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt or a returning Boris Johnson likely to be the next Prime Minister.

Only the leader of the opposition, in this case Labour’s Keir Starmer, can call for a vote of no confidence which, if by the government, would force a snap election.

The Conservatives have a big majority at Westminster and trail in the polls, so it’s highly unlikely enough of their MPs would vote for a no confidence motion.

But the SNP’s Ian Blackford has written to Starmer to urge him to bring forward a motion and exert pressure.

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In a letter to Mr Starmer, he called for Labour and the SNP to “act together to stop this shambles” and put “maximum pressure” on the government.

SNP Westminster leader Blackford said: “The Tories have taken a wrecking ball to the UK economy and made families suffer – as mortgage rates rise, pensions fall, and soaring inflation pushes up household bills.

“Having done so much damage, they simply cannot be allowed to impose a third Tory Prime Minister without an election. It would be unthinkable and undemocratic. Voters must get a say.

“With every day they remain in office, the Tories are doing more damage to people’s livelihoods and living standards. It’s vital that opposition parties work together to force a vote of no confidence, and pile pressure on the Tories to call a general election, so voters can decide.”

Read Mr Blackford’s letter below:

Dear Keir,

As opposition leaders, we simply cannot stand idly by as the Tories attempt to impose their third Prime Minister in the space of three months. Now is the time to act.

It is time to trigger a motion of no-confidence in this disastrous Tory government and – most importantly – it is time for people to have their say in a general election.  

The rules of Westminster mean that only the Leader of the Opposition can submit a formal motion of no-confidence in this UK government. I’m urging you to get on with that job and not to delay any longer. With a vacuum at the top of the Tory leadership – and candidates desperately fighting amongst themselves – now is the right time to trigger that motion and attempt to force a general election.

If the opposition fails to impose maximum pressure right now, we know what the consequences will be. The longer the Tories stay in office, the more damage they will do. People are already paying through their teeth for Tory mistakes as mortgage rates, inflation and household bills soar. Now we have the looming threat of drastic public spending cuts too.

As political parties we will obviously fight that general election on very different platforms. Front and centre of the SNP campaign will be the right of the Scottish people to choose independence in the European Union – a chance to escape the constant chaos of Westminster for good.

I understand that your own campaign will be very different. However, whatever those differences, I hope we can at least agree that it is in all of our people’s interests that democracy now casts its verdict on this disastrous UK government and the awful legacy it has left.

I hope we can act together to stop this shambles, put maximum pressure on the Tories as they fight each other, and let the people have their democratic say in a general election .

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Blackford MP
SNP Westminster Leader

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