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Scottish Greens ‘suspend ties’ with Green Party of England and Wales over trans views

SCOTTISH Greens have formally “suspended ties” with the Green Party of England and Wales.

The party membership voted unanimously for the motion at the end of the party’s autumn conference in Dundee.

The Scottish Greens criticised their sister party over their views on trans rights and accused them of disrespecting the devolution settlement.

Delivering the motion, Guy Ingerson said the English and Welsh party had “serious issues with transphobia”.

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The Scottish Greens, which is an entirely separate party from the Green Party of England and Wales, said the motion wouldn’t stop discussion between the two parties.

Essentially, the Green Party of England and Wales no longer have an automatic right to speak at official Scottish Green events, including their conferences.

However, members south of the border are free to speak at events when asked.

The Scottish party are keen to stress that more than anything this is a largely symbolic move and “a last resort” in rebuking their sister party’s stance on trans rights.

Scottish Greens co-leaders Lorna Slater and Patrick HarvieGuy Ingerson, left, put forward the motion

The motion reads: “In recent years, we have seen office-bearers of the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) engage in transphobic rhetoric and conduct.

“This includes a former official spokesperson submitting motions, deemed competent by the relevant GPEW body, that would deny trans people gender affirming healthcare, ignored our independence as a party, and would seek to legislate in devolved competencies.

“GPEW office-bearers, and an unelected legislator, have insulted our party and sought to damage our reputation regarding LGBT+ rights, women’s rights, and child protection issues. Disciplinary action has been lethargic, ineffective, and inconsistent. In response, we must take this action.”

The party said the suspension will remain in effect “until such time that action is taken that satisfies the membership of the Scottish Green Party … to address both issues of transphobia and respect for the Scottish Green party, our independence as a party, and the devolution settlement”.

Whislt delivering, Ingerson criticised the SNP which, he said, has serious issues with anti-trans views.

He said he hopes his party will lift the suspension when “progress is made” over their sister party’s views.

He added that his sister party is “at risk of pariah status”.

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Co-leader Patrick Harvie said he and co-leader Lorna Slater had brought the issue of trans rights up at meetings with their English and Welsh counterparts.

A party member opposing the motion told the conference that it risked the perception of factionalism within the party.

The Green Party of England and Wales spokesperson said: “The Green Party of England and Wales values highly our relationship with our sister party, the Scottish Greens, and we are proud of the aims and values that we share in furthering Green policies across the UK.

“The Green Party of England and Wales is clear that trans rights are human rights and we are proud of our strong policies on trans inclusion.

“It is our priority to champion diversity and be a welcoming and inclusive party for all – that means campaigning for the rights of trans people, women and all oppressed groups, as the Green Party has always done.”

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