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School strikes: disruption or justice? beatriz victoria balboa tiffin girls school

    After teacher salaries in England fell by over 10% over the last 12 years, most state secondary school teachers, as well as some university professors and primary teachers have taken it upon themselves to participate in “short term disruption for long term improvement”, by choosing to strike over the course of multiple days in order to achieve pay raises across the country. 
The National Education Union has organized planned strikes for many underpaid teachers, as inflation has caused a significant decline in the funding for state schools, as well as its staff. After the recent pandemic already causing many students to lose one or two years of education, many parents argue that these strikes cause a major disruption to students’ learning, and are subsequently not in support of these strikes. 
An affected student says he is “completely in support of these strikes”, as it “gives teachers a chance to be paid fairly for their work”.


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