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Police dog wins award after being stabbed in the head five times in Orpington

A Kent Police dog has won the “hero pet” title after he was stabbed in the head five times in Orpington.

Kaiser the dog and his handler, PC Mark Woolcott, won the prestigious award after they tracked down and then arrested an armed burglar in Orpington, despite Kaiser being stabbed five times in the head.

After the incident, Kaiser was rushed to the vets.

The knife had struck a bone on each occasion, avoiding Kaiser from suffering any serious injury and possible death.

Judges at the Amplifon Awards said the pair showed the “best of British spirit”.

The judges said: “The judges felt that Kaiser initially demonstrated the skills he had been taught to track and trace a criminal and show immense discipline while apprehending the villain.

“And then he showed unbelievable courage and bravery in holding onto the knifeman despite coming under an horrific attack himself protecting both his handler and other officers.

“If Kaiser had released its grip the armed thief could have gone on to stab whoever came in his way and the scenario could have ended in tragedy.

“Instead, his steadfast and determined actions prevented bloodshed despite him putting his own life on the line.

“Many dogs owe their lives to caring humans. In this case, other officers probably owe their lives to Kaiser.”

PC Woolcott said: “Kaiser is now doing fine and enjoying retirement and is currently gnawing on a pig’s ear in the garden!

“He’s been my best mate as well as my workmate.

“He actually went back to work a week after the incident but his legs, like us all, aren’t what they used to be, so he is now in retirement.”

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