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NHS Grampian asks for military help to assist under-pressure staff

NHS Grampian has made a request for military assistance to help cope with the current pressures it is facing.

Warnings have been issued health boards across Scotland could struggle to cope during winter.

Queues of ambulances have been reported outside hospitals across the country due to capacity issues inside hospitals due to Covid.

Army personnel have already been deployed to assist the ambulance service in Scotland. Photo: PA

Nurses, medics, drivers and general troops from the military have already been deployed to support NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Borders.

Army personnel are also supporting the ambulance service.

Now NHS Grampian has confirmed it has also asked for help.

A spokesman for the health board confirmed a request has been made for assistance.

She explained the authority awaited a decision on what help might be provided and when it might commence, if approved.

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