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MPs plot bid to block Boris Johnson from ever becoming prime minister again

THE Liberal Democrats have launched a bid to block Boris Johnson from becoming prime minister again.

The party has tabled a motion in Parliament that seeks to stop MPs found to have broken the law while in government from getting into No 10.

Lib Dem deputy leader Daisy Cooper said: “Boris Johnson is Britain’s Berlusconi. Conservative MPs are flocking to support yet another disgraced prime minister.

“The British public will never forget the way Boris Johnson repeatedly lied to them over his Covid lawbreaking. Partygate and the subsequent cover up proved he is unfit to govern this great country.

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“From his illegal lockdown parties to his Government’s unlawful failure to protect care home residents during the pandemic, Boris Johnson’s tenure as prime minister demonstrated that he simply has no regard for rules or for the general public.

“It is time to end this Conservative party soap opera. People’s mortgage bills are spiralling out of control and local health services are at breaking point. The country deserves better than yet more Conservative chaos and incompetence.”

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