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London actor Luke MacFarlane rises to Hollywood lead with Bros | CBC News

In what was arguably the most high-profile LGBTQ offering at the Toronto Film Festival this year, one of two leading male roles was played by London’s own Luke MacFarlane.

A London Central Secondary School graduate, MacFarlane plays Aaron in the Hollywood blockbuster Bros, which follows two men with commitment issues who attempt a relationship. MacFarlane’s character has an unlikely meet up at a club with Bobby Lieber, played by Billy Eichner, and the two leading roles slowly reveal themselves to each other.

“Honestly, it’s not very often they get a chance to sort of be in a feature film at this scale,” MacFarlane told CBC London Morning host Rebecca Zandbergen. “So I read this script and I thought, ‘All right, I got a leg up. I’m an openly gay actor. I came out in the Globe and Mail. I’m almost 17 years ago.'”

MacFarlane said he got the job the old fashioned way and auditioned for the role.

WATCH: Luke MacFarlane talks about how is role in Bros was tailor-made:

Tailor-made role for Luke MacFarlane

Luke MacFarlane knew the minute he read the script that he had to land the role of Aaron in Bros. He says being an openly gay actor was a bonus during the audition.

While MacFarlane and Eichner are Hollywood’s first leading men, MacFarlane is no stranger to blazing a new trail in entertainment. He played a role in the first gay marriage on network television for the series Brothers & Sisters in 2008. 

WATCH: Luke MacFarlane is forging new ground as a gay actor:

Luke MacFarlane talks about forging new ground in his roles as a gay actor. The London-native is playing a leading role in the new film Bros.

While the 42-year-old actor now lives in Toronto, he told CBC’s London Morning that he still thinks fondly of London, which his family still calls home.

“I think about London all the time, I really do,” said MacFarlane. “I haven’t been back to London, actually since COVID started, but I’m looking forward to a trip sometime soon.”

WATCH: Luke MacFarlane still has a lot of love for London, Ont.

Hometown love for London, Ontario

Actor Luke MacFarlane is from London, Ont., a place he says he thinks about every day.

LISTEN: London Morning host Rebecca Zandbergen talks to Luke MacFarlane about his role in Bros:

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