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Life after prison

 The vicious cycle of prison has affected thousands. Many families and friends dissociate themselves with prisoners.  Without a house or job or any way to sustain their lives many become homeless and struggle to escape the trap of poverty. Without a home it is next to impossible to get a job, without a job there is no way to earn money, finally leading back to homelessness and in a majority of cases a return to crime.  Even if you are lucky enough to get a job, without an address it is close to impossible to open a bank account, subsequently having no details to pass on. Many ex-convicts are deemed unemployable and are often turned away or even denied interviews after employers find out. The judgement created after leaving prison can make the life following a completely unbeaerable one. In 2018-19 two hundered and twelve ex-convicts took their own lives. This effects the lives of their families and their friends that have remained connected creating a multiplier effect as the implications of life after prison spread.


This cycle needs to end. Is it right that after 10 years living in prison, being punished for the actions committed, that they should continue to face this judgement upon leaving. Does it not defeat the sole purpose of prison if every patient is set a life sentence of neglect from the second they enter? What about those in jail at 16? What happens to them when they leave? Do you expect them to suffer for the rest of their life because of an act commited when they were a teenager? Is incarceration, already being mentally and physically damaging, not enough? The mental impacts of prison can last for the rest of a person’s life, those incarcerated are more likely to experience depression or PTSD and many dont seek any form of help or support. Is that not enough?


Of course I don’t seek an idealistic world where crimes and incarceration are immediately dismissed. I understand that some crimes are unforgivable. But I ask for anyone arguing against the prosperities of a good life after prison; when will it be enough?


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