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Landlord fined thousands for failing to maintain neglected Sidcup home

A LANDLORD from Gravesend has been fined £2,500 for failing to maintain his unoccupied home in Sidcup.

Roger Thompson, of Admers Wood, Vigo, in Gravesend, was handed a notice by Bexley Council to carry out work on his home in May 2018.

The rear of his property was covered in overgrown vegetation and fences surrounding the home had collapsed.

The front garden also became a spot where people were dumping their rubbish, according to Bexley Council.  

Cabinet Member for Place, Peter Craske, said the state of the property caused distress to Thompson’s neighbours.

Thompson failed to comply with the Remedial Order under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act and was later convicted in court.

He now has to pay a £2,500 fine, together with £1,420.49 in costs, and a victim surcharge charge of £190. 

Peter said: “This fine should serve as a warning to other homeowners who leave empty properties to get into this kind of disgusting disrepair.

“The state of this property has caused distress to neighbours and the local community.

“I hope that the owner will now address these long overdue issues.” 

A spokesperson for Bexley Council said: “The owner of an unoccupied Sidcup property who had failed to maintain it over a number of years, received a fine of £2,500 in court last week (5 October)

“The rear of the property was completely covered in overgrown vegetation.

“Fences surrounding the property had collapsed and the front garden was in such a bad state that it had been used by passers-by to dispose of rubbish. 

“Roger Thompson of Admers Wood, Vigo, Gravesend was served with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) under the Anti-Social Crime and Policing Act in May 2018.

“The Notice required Mr Thompson to take steps to maintain the vegetation, rear garden, infrastructure and surrounds of the premises to prevent detriment to the amenity of the area and the quality of life of others in the locality, contrary to the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.  

“Mr Thompsohasn failed to take any steps to comply with the Notice.

“Mr. Thompson was prosecuted and was convicted in his absence.  He was fined the maximum amount of £2,500. He was also issued with a Remedial Order to carry out the requirements of the Community Protection Notice.

“Mr Thompson will now have to pay his fine, together with £1,420.49 in costs, and a victim surcharge of £190.”

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