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Is this the reason why Anas Sarwar ignores the will of the Scottish people?

HENRY Mcleish’s recent piece of advice to Anas Sarwar is that “merely saying no to a second independence referendum has never been a vote winner” and “it sounds negative, is interpreted as a denial of democracy and smacks of political panic.” I see it slightly differently.

To continually go against the tidal wave of opinions for a second referendum could be interpreted that he has another aim in politics. He may prefer London to Holyrood. Being the leader of the branch office doesn’t suffice. He wants to be Prime Minister. He would rather be in Westminster. Why else would he retain his Unionist ties? Coming from a privileged millionaire background. A University graduate, a product of private education, it shouldn’t surprise us. He lives in a different world.

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The Union hasn’t failed him, only fuelled a desire for a career in politics. He talks well, he makes sense, but I’m afraid he will never get the following he needs. He won’t attract the traditional Labour voter until he accepts a second referendum. He is destined for London, like so many of his predecessors.

I realise I could be wrong. But it does explain his dogged approval for the Union, despite the writing on the wall, the overall will of the Scottish people. And if he fails in his long-term plan, to become leader of the UK Labour party, like so many of his predecessors he will still be rewarded for his loyalty. An ermine cloak and the title Lord of Pollokshields awaits!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus

THANK you to Dr Iain Evans (Letters, April 12) for encapsulating the thoughts of so many of us on the over-the-top media response to the death of Prince Philip. I hope he will permit me to add my own paraphrased PS to his thoughtful piece: “Is this really the UK? It sometimes feels more like North Korea!”

William Bennett

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IF I had spent my life living in the lap of luxury in palaces and stately homes and being waited on by an army of servants; if I had travelled the world many times, again in first-class luxury; if I had a history of shooting tigers and other big game; if I had a long record of making controversial and racist comments – if I had done all these things, I doubt that people would regard me as an environmentalist and a “jolly nice man”.

Harry Key

I SEE in yesterday’s National shell-shocked republicans emerging from their bunkers. These folk with the well-known “ah kent his faither” approach and large chips on their shoulders never fail to amuse.

Such persons worry about being subjects rather than citizens. In the days of feu duty they were concerned about being vassals. What would we do without them, the class warriors?

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I have not the slightest wish to see a President Ross or Rennie not even a President Sturgeon, much as I admire and respect our First Minister. Just think, we might have had to put up with a President Salmond – not a pleasant thought.

In our monarchy we have an institution which serves well. In an independent Scotland I would like to see a monarchy in the Scottish tradition, stripped of much of its pomp and protocol.

R Mill Irving
Gifford, East Lothian

I AGREE with George Kerevan that the recent media adulation was a “dress rehearsal for Brenda’s exit” and am dreading that event (Why the monarchy should have no place in Scotland post-independence, April 12). I never used to say, “long live the queen”, but am now thinking of it with some fervour. I doubt she will outlive me, but I hope she outlives the United Kingdom.

Alan Jardine

WHAT a breath of fresh air, George Kerevan! Thankyou so much for your article.. I can’t disagree with any of it. Especially good reading after all the sycophantic rubbish that’s been on display since the news broke.

Morna Kirk
via thenational.scot

YOUR front-page headlines on Friday – “Tories accused of choosing to keep PM away from Scotland” and “Davidson fronts TV broadcast in snub for Ross” – accurately report the present dire predicament of the SS Tory Titanic, which is sinking in a Scottish political storm.

Captain PM Boris Johnson is reported missing, possibly lost overboard, Baroness Ruth (“put the boot into Scotland”) Davidson has abandoned ship and taken to the House of Lords lifeboat, while sailor Douglas Ross has been left to rearrange the deckchairs. As for those Tory candidates standing in the forthcoming elections, they have been left without a life belt and they will just have time to make peace with their maker before they depart the Scottish political world.

Thankfully, they will all recover and the damage will be limited to bruised egos, reputations and blighted political aspirations.

Thomas L Inglis

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