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Here are all our articles from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire special edition

THE Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) is a non-partisan, pro-independence group based in the North East of Scotland, making the local case for independence, prioritising issues that affect Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in particular.

In partnership with The National, AIM will be distributing 100,000 special-edition newspapers, with contributions from a wide range of local voices covering a diverse selection of topics.

Whether it’s energy, human rights or our economic future, AIM hopes to make the case that Scotland’s future is best served by becoming an independent nation.

Below are the articles you can find online:

By the Aberdeen Independence Movement

AIM was set up by a group of local activists and professionals to campaign for Scottish independence. We believe in our country’s potential and that the best way to fulfil this potential is for Scotland to become an independent country.

As an organisation, AIM was founded on four pillars: Inclusiveness – We welcome the views of individuals and organisations from all backgrounds.

Localism – A bespoke strategy to Aberdeen is how we will win over the Granite City. We want to hear from you!

Pragmatism – We take a sensible and realistic approach to our campaign and organisation.

Professionalism – We aim for competence and professionalism within AIM, advocating respect for one another.

Aberdeen is a unique and thriving city with bounds of potential. From our diverse range of industries to our numerous esteemed academic institutions.

We want to share our positive vision for the city of Aberdeen within an independent Scotland. A vision built on choice by the people that call Aberdeen and Scotland home.

The members of AIM come from a wide array of backgrounds and political ideas – we don’t all have the same vision for Scotland, but we do all think that it should be Scotland’s choice.

Once we have the power over our social, fiscal, legal and economic frameworks, we can all make our case for how best to use that power, what decisions we should make and what kind of society we want. The purpose of AIM is to get us to that point.

It’s up to all of us to make the positive case for Scotland, and it’s up to AIM to show Aberdeen that we can aim for more, aim for better, aim for independence.

If you’d like to support our efforts, you can join AIM – visit https://aim.scot/ or scan the QR code above left.

Joining AIM is not just for people in the North East but for people all over Scotland. If we secure a Yes vote here, we all win and win big.

As a member of AIM you will have access to a membership forum on our website aim.scot and this will have training resources for members. Membership will come with discounts for products. We promote the “Scotland The Brief” books by Business For Scotland.

We also promote the Business for Scotland ambassador training and look forward to providing this training to AIM members.

Membership will get you a substantial discount on this training. Join us at https://aim.scot/membership-account/membership-levels/

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