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Glasgow school subjected to ‘disgusting’ racist vandal attack

PUPILS have been left “heartbroken” after a “disgusting” attack by racist vandals at a primary school. 

Those attending Carmyle Primary in Glasgow’s East End were left upset after walking past the slurs sprayed across the school building. 

Photographs published by the Glasgow Times show swearing, anti-police phrases and a racist word etched onto the walls of the school.

The Glasgow Times did not publish images of the racist slur used by the vandals, saying it is too offensive to show. 

Sharon Scott, who is on the school’s parent council, said: “We are completely devastated – this happens every single time there are school holidays. We and the kids are completely heartbroken it has happened yet again.

“The words and terms used in the graffiti are absolutely shocking. Our children had to walk past them today on their way to class and they would have seen it.

“Our school is really mixed with children of all ethnicities and cultures, it is really upsetting for them. There is no place for racism and especially not at a primary school.

“The parent council is absolutely devastated that this keeps happening. It shouldn’t have ever got to this point.”

The National:

Other images show the childrens’ imagination station trashed, with wire at the base of the facility caved in.

Funds for the play and learning provision – a sensory space that can be used for storytime and activities – were raised by the parents and teachers themselves. 

It is the most recent incident among a sting of vandalism sprees at the school, with the last attack taking place in August.

Parents and guardians have become “fed up” watching the outdoor play area become “trashed” during school breaks. 

They have repeated exasperated pleas for additional police patrols, CCTV and lighting to be installed at the primary in a bid to prevent the attacks from happening again. 

The National:

Sharon added: “Every time they go away for a break it is almost becoming routine that they come back to see their school and play are completely trashed.

“I think this shows that we really need police patrols, CCTV and lighting at the school. What more will it take before that is implemented?

“The lighting would deter the culprits from coming into the school in the first place and the CCTV would help to catch them if they decided to anyway.

“We were completely heartbroken coming in this morning, my heart just sank, again.”

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