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Clip of Paul O’Grady dismantling ‘draconian’ Tory budget goes viral

In a statement, O’Grady’s partner Andre Portasio said the star died “unexpectedly but peacefully” on Tuesday evening.

The presenter had a career which spanned more than 30 years during which he hosted The Paul O’Grady Show, Blind Date and For The Love Of Dogs.

During a live TV appearance, Grady brilliantly took aim at the Tories after George Osborne announced his “austerity budget”.

“George Osborne what do we think? Is it up or is it down? Do you know what I’d sooner have Ozzy Osbourne as chancellor”, he told the audience.

O’Grady continued: “I tell you why because at least with Ozzy the only cuts made would be the f-ing and blinding from his speech.

“Do you know what got my back up? Those Tories whooping and hollering when they heard about the cuts.

“They were, they were all ‘yeahhh’ scrap the pension, ‘yeahhh’ no more wheelchairs. Bastards.”

O’Grady’s speech was met with huge cheers from the audience as he apologised for his language which he said “just fell out”.

“I bet when they were children they laughed in Bambi when his mother got shot”, he added.

O’Grady then encouraged his audience to join in a rendition of a song. The TV presenter started singing: “It’s the same the whole world over, it’s the poor what gets the blame, all together, it’s the rich what gets the pleasure, ain’t it all a bleeding shame.”

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It was again met with applause.

He continued: “It wouldn’t be the French. Look at them now, the French kick off if the coffees cold for god sake.

“We should take a leaf out of their book.”

He then stood up and delivered a passionate speech saying people should fight for the rights of the elderly, the poor and not take “these draconian cuts lightly”.


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