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Christmas charity event

Christmas is a mystical time of year for most, with the prospect of time together alongside gifts galore, forming an electric atmosphere everywhere. But this is not the reality for all, especially emotionally vulnerable young people who have had to face, the harsh reality of the care system. Can we truly call Christmas ‘the most wonderful time of the year’? When there are those, longing for the warmth of care to greet them. I too am completely guilty, of getting too wrapped up in the magical spirit, to remember the less fortunate. Bar the occasional television advert or the signage of a social media rooted petition. However, a fantastic opportunity is in our grasp, the Richmond Christmas day dinner.

This is the perfect way to assist the community, through volunteering and creating a memorable Christmas day for vulnerable  young people who have already faced their limit of trauma. Not only could you be a host or helper on the big day itself but other opportunities surrounding the event are available such as donations, like gifts and food supplies or monetarily. You could join one of the committees permanently or maybe even giving  a little back through their easy fundraising programme, where you donate whilst online shopping. But I can only say so much, if you are truly interested in making a difference visit christmasdayrichmond.com or their YouTube channel for more of an insight and links to the entire programme itself or email [email protected] if you are available. I cannot stress enough how significant it is, that we make this Christmas special for all.

Not only does your support have to be literal but it can also be virtual, spreading the word through the social media platforms they use such as twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Meaning this message will break the borders of the college community and the local newspaper. Last December 60 young people got involved with the festive fun and gave 50 care leavers a day that will be mentally everlasting. Even Vincent Cable the MP of Twickenham is joining the team this year and  stated that he is ‘delighted to be able to spend Christmas Day with 50 of the Borough’s care leavers. These young people have a lot to contribute to society but do not have the family support network of most of us which is why they have been in care.’

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