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Chislehurst man creates ‘world’s smallest’ library in front garden

An author from Chislehurst claims to have made the “world’s smallest” library in the front garden of his home.

John Hemming-Clark has been writing books for the past eight years and has now built what he believes is the world smallest library – using reclaimed wood.

He says that he wants to “help people smile” by making his books available to those who pass by regularly.

(images: John Hemming-Clark)

John told the News Shopper: “I am slowly turning my front garden into a garden of fun – mostly with statues, furniture and signs.

“My Horace Horrise books (about the UK’s favourite ever-so-slightly dysfunctional family) do not take up much space and their genre is humorous, so what better place for them than in their own mini library in my garden for people to borrow as they go past?

“Readers do not need to join my library as such.

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“All they have to do is borrow, read, return, repeat and they can also pick up a free bookmark.

“It’s a drive-by, or more accurately, walk-by library.”

John says his tiny library is “not much bigger than the average bird box” and has space for around a dozen books.

This Is Local London: (images: John Hemming-Clark)(images: John Hemming-Clark)

This exciting invention is not Johns first fun item displayed in his front garden, as the library sits next to a nesting place for birds.

John added: “My speed camera bird box was installed this summer, so birds have some place to nest.

“It’s very popular.

“Plenty of drivers slow right down to take a closer look, I just hope that now they will stop, get out and come and borrow a book.”

John has applied to Guinness World Records to get his mini library officially recognised.

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