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Candlelight : Hans Zimmer Best Works – Niamh Murphy, Dame Alice Owens School

Despite arriving early, there was still a long queue leading around the building, but thankfully it moved quite quickly. Inside, there was food and drinks being served, and wonderful staff directing us to our seats. I was surprised that the seats weren’t set, but instead we could choose as long as we were in the right section. Luckily we got there early enough to obtain a good view.

As described, there were hundreds of candles all over the stage, creating a lovely warm atmosphere. A dozen of Hans Zimmer’s most famous and incredible compositions were performed by the Arva Quartet, who were incredibly skilled. One member spoke to the audience between each piece, making the experience engaging.

Every song that was performed was beautiful and inspiring – my favourite piece was Time from Inception. Even pieces from films that I wasn’t familiar with were wonderful to listen to. Towards the end, the audience were encouraged to film the last piece that was played, Pirates of the Caribbean Suite. The only part that I was disappointed with was that it only lasted for one hour, as I could have stayed there for hours. However, it was a night that I will not forget.


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