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“Black Leaders of the Future” – My Latest Enigma (Nefo Y-I, Townley Grammar)


We first attended a panel discussion where we listened to speakers from big companies such as Bloomberg, PwC, BT Group, World Wide Technology and many others, where we were able to gain insight into what exactly being black in the corporate workplace looks like, and how we will be able to overcome any potential setbacks. 


As a black youth, it’s incredibly important for me to see that these events are becoming more and more widespread. They may seem overhyped or cringy but they inspire so many young black people, to be more and to achieve more than what is expected of us. 


One thing that caught me wildly off guard was the fact that the organiser of the event, by whom all emails I received leading up to the event were signed by, was a white man. The “Black Leaders of the Future” event was not only *headed*, but *fully staffed* by white men and women.


Shocked was a big understatement, but after the initial surprise wore off, I began to think. Is it that the Black community doesn’t have the backing and financial support of these powerful companies to put on an event such as this? Or that humanity is finally pulling together to recognise that this society was literally built on our hardship and alienation so couldn’t possibly ever serve us?


Therefore one of the most important lessons that this event taught me is that solidarity is needed and is necessary for our society to reach a closer level of racial equality than where we are currently at. The world is already a global community, and that needs to be reflected in the way we pioneer for change. 



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