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Aquarius Birthday Gift Ideas by Zubayda Alege from Townley Grammar School

For readers looking to buy a gift for a person’s special day, still coming in late January and February here are some birthday gift ideas. For all struggling to find that perfect add on or main gift based on star signs:  


Pretty Little Thing: Aquarius Soy Wax Candle 


Above is this 100% Soy candle. In a pretty cool blue with block letters, a simplistic but effective design of candle suited to an Aquarius’s trait of being: rebellious, unpredictable and creative. As they watch the flame on the candle burn, they may be reminded of these qualities mentioned they see in themselves. 


Pretty Little Thing: White Notepad 


This is a A5 memoir, dairy/ planner, whatever you want to use this unique, decorative and handy notebook for. Since Aquarius’s are typically associated traits of being intellectual, independent and innovative they need something like this or similar to get all those thoughts and ideas to paper. 



Boohoo: Spectrum Zodiac 


These are not exactly catered for Aquarius’s but are a great set for all interested in star signs and astrology. Also, how are you supposed to get the envied ‘sleek black look’ if your brushes are not the same. From handle to brush tip with a flair of gold.  


Etsy: Aquarius Zodiac Candle 


These are handmade soy wax candles literally have moonstones and etc. embedded within making this an aesthetically pleasing and a probably nice smelling decoration. Also, cleanses the mind and spirit, resonates with Aquarius qualities of being idealistic and aloof. 


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