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Anas Sarwar confirms bid to be next Scottish Labour Leader

Anas Sarwar is running to succeed Richard Leonard as the next Scottish Labour leader.

The Glasgow MSP confirmed his bid in an article for the Observer online after Richard Leonard resigned as leader of the party on Thursday.

In his article, he said he aimed to “rebuild” Labour north of the border after recent electoral results writing:  “Scottish Labour can compete again if we offer a positive alternative – a plan to heal our wounds, to reunite our people and to rebuild our country.”

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Late on Saturday night, he tweeted to say the country “needs political leadership that will bring people together” 

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Mr Sarwar also: “Over the past few years, I have gained a new perspective on our politics and realised that the things we argue about mean little to people’s lives.”

The Glasgow MSP lost to Mr Leonard in the last contest four years ago.

Yesterday a new timeline was approved by Scottish Labour to fast-track a leader into position by late February. 

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