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75 off books for two days each month!?-Jeneeliya Jayakumar-Parmiter’s School


When walking in, I realised the vast quantity of books that I could browse. There were children’s colouring or educational books, young adult fiction, non fiction, and even diaries or plain books for you to do work in. They were placed in bulk, so there were many of the same book. I looked around the place, trying to find a book that I had been interested in buying for a while. However, instead, I had stumbled upon new books, some even going out of my comfort zone in terms of types of genre. The place was very large, and there were rows and rows of books. The staff who were scanning the picked books were really kind and I do plan to return to the shop very soon indeed.


Paul, a worker who had been incredibly kind mentioned that, “The book club was set up because the owner felt that local people should have access to books at a discounted price. During the week 66 Books is a wholesale business and the 66 Book Club was set up to enable individuals, rather than commercial businesses,  to buy books.  66 Books buys books directly from the publishers in bulk and passes on the cost savings to book club members. “


Overall, I would say that the place is great, although the queue is quite long, so be prepared to wait for a while. The prices are great and it’s amazing to see that there are still so many people that love fiction and everything else. The next two days that this place will be open is on April the 1st and 2nd. 


For more information email: [email protected] 

or visit 

66 Books Ltd

Unit 2 Eastman Way

Hemel Hempstead




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