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LETTER: Las Vegas City Council moves to OK pot lounges

As if there weren’t already enough DUI-related traffic fatalities in Las Vegas, the City Council voted last week to allow pot lounges in the city (“Pot-smoking lounges for Vegas,” Sept. 22 Review-Journal). The businesses will allow marijuana customers to smoke the drug legally outside of private homes for the first time since voters legalized recreational use in 2018. This left out the 40 million or so yearly tourists without a place to legally smoke. Great!

In the same edition appeared “Crash kills man, results in arrest of another.” A man driving a BMW at 89 mph in a 45 mph zone crashed into a pickup truck, killing its driver. Police officers “detected a heavy odor of marijuana emitting from the interior of the BMW and observed marijuana packages in plain view within the car’s interior.”

It boggles my mind that anyone could think marijuana lounges are a good idea.

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