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LETTER: Board wants to extend Jesus Jara’s contract at the school district

At a recent special meeting of the Clark County School Board, Superintendent Jesus Jara was rated highly effective based on skewed data (Saturday Review-Journal). He was reviewed on only three metrics. Four members of the board seem to think he’s been a good superintendent. Are you kidding me?

The district is at the bottom of the barrel in the country. Mr. Jara has instituted policies that dumb-down grades. His restorative justice program is a failure. Yet the board wants to extend his contract for three years and give him a big raise.

As these board members come up for re-election, they must be voted out. Certain members of this board knew when they went into the meeting that they were going to offer Mr. Jara a new contract regardless of whether he had earned a new contract. We all should feel sad for the students of the Clark County School District.

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