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LETTER: As usual, Donald Trump won’t accept the consequences of his actions

The buck stops elsewhere. Donald Trump, supported by his sycophants in Congress, is blaming the Jan. 6 riot on Nancy Pelosi. He says she knew of the risk two days before and did nothing to beef up Capitol security.

But even if she was derelict, as claimed, where is the ultimate responsibility? It is with the president who took the oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. It has been fully documented that Mr. Trump watched the events unfold on TV, yet he refused to actually “call in the army,” something that only he had the power to do. Actually, he could have simply tweeted to stop it but delayed for hours.

So everything else aside, it was his duty to stop any assault on the Capitol. But as he caused the riot, why would he? So, per the usual Trump playbook, when something goes upside down, blame someone else.

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