Visceral fat diet: Can these 5 popular foods reduce stubborn belly fat – expert tips

Jenaed says: “For women, your risk of chronic disease is increased if the waist circumference is 80 centimetres or more and for men 94 centimetres or more.”

Although visceral fat is incredibly dangerous, the good news is because it is close to the liver, it is easy to burn.

And, despite what you may have heard, diet is much more effective than exercise at targeting this type of fat. So, even more good news: no more crunches.

Jenaed says: “Unfortunately, you can’t forcefully reduce fat around your belly no matter how many crunches you do.

“Saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and sugars contribute heavily to our storage of fat.

“Firstly, try replacing sugar with healthy, natural sweeteners in moderation.

“Eating healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, avocados and walnuts, or fermented foods like kimchi, live yoghurt and miso can benefit your insulin balance, gut bacteria, hormones, and weight management.”

So, could these five popular foods help beat visceral fats? Jenaed shares her expert verdict.

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