Tongue scraping: The six reasons to SCRAPE your tongue after brushing your teeth

No matter how well you brush your teeth or how often you floss, you probably don’t clean your tongue as you should. Brushing your tongue with your toothbrush isn’t enough, you need to use a tongue scraper. chatted to the experts at Brushd to find out why YOU need to start scraping your tongue.

Although tongue scraping has been around for thousands of years, it isn’t commonly done in the UK.

However, tongue scraping is a must-have in your wellness routine to remove any unwanted toxins in your mouth and body.

A tongue scraper (such as the Brushd Tongue scraper which is £3.99 and made of steel or copper) is a long, thin and flat piece of U-shaped metal which you use to scrape your own tongue, from the back of your tongue to the tip.

Firmly scrape the surface of your tongue to get rid of bacteria, food debris, toxins and dead cells.

This little hack not only cleans your tongue, it has six important health benefits.

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Fresh breath

Approximately 50 percent of halitosis cases are caused by tongue residues, so tongue scraping is an essential step towards beating bad breath.

Scraping away tongue bacteria, old food and other nasty particles can help with ongoing breath problems.

This is particularly true if you smoke, experience dry mouth or yeast infections, have poor oral hygiene or are using specific medications that cause bad breath.

The experts at Brushd said: “Bad bacteria is responsible for odour living on our tongues and tongue scraping is a great way to banish bad breath.

“If you clean your tongue with your toothbrush, you may want to switch to a tongue scraper because using your toothbrush on your tongue only moves the bacteria around the mouth, without actually cleaning it.

“Tongue scraping is the simple but effective way for odour-causing bacteria leaving you with a cleaner, fresher and healthier mouth.”

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Dental decay and gum disease prevention

Removing the harmful bacteria on your tongue prevents cavities, gum disease, dental decay and other conditions of the mouth.

However, this step alone isn’t enough to make up for a bad dental routine.

You also need to use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash, brush your teeth and gums twice a day, and brush them for at least two minutes.

Drinking plenty of water will help to reduce dry mouth and you should also avoid smoking.

Improved sense of taste

Tongue scraping is thought to help active salivary glands, and this is good news for everyone.

The experts said: “Activated salivary glands improve our digestion and ability to taste, leaving you more satisfied after every meal.

“This also means you are less likely to overeat in search of flavour.”

Enhanced gut health

We’re all obsessed with looking after our guts these days using probiotics and eating fermented foods, and tongue scraping does the same.

Active taste buds are important for healthy digestion, and scraping away the bacteria on your tongue allows your taste buds to function better.

Boosted immune system and overall health

A happy tongue is the starting point to a healthy body, according to the experts at Brushd.

They explained: “Tongue scraping can help prevent halitosis, infections, and helps with sore throats, sinus infections and blocked noses, as well as removing mucus, to help improve your overall health.”

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