Malnutrition could lead to ‘diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia’

Lindley-Pilley continued: “Malnutrition also affects the mental health of children and their families, reduces chances to do well later in life and ultimately leads to a higher risk of deaths. For example, half of the children under five who die every year would still be alive if they had been well-nourished.

“Immediate food assistance through products like ready-to-use-therapeutic food – which get nutrients and energy into the body quickly – are only one part of a much broader solution which is yet to be realised by all governments.”

Furthermore, he added: “We need to invest in preventive and anticipatory action with communities, including strengthening health, water and food systems, developing community climate change resilience, and education around malnutrition.

“All of this can save lives now and safeguard them well into the future.”

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