Four best sunburn remedies – how to instantly relieve sunburn

Britain is finally getting some well deserved hot weather, after a rather wet spring followed months of lockdown. But with sunshine comes the inevitable sunburn for many of us – so what are the best ways to relieve sunburnt skin?

Sunburn is extremely damaging to your skin, and should be avoided at all costs by wearing a high SPF sun cream.

There’s not much you can do to reverse the damage done to your skin if you do end up getting burnt.

Still, there are steps you can take to mitigate the pain and itching of sunburn, using natural remedies and store bought options.

These can also encourage your skin to heal faster – but there’s no better remedy for sunburn than prevention – covering up and using a good sun cream.


The old standby aspirin is the most effective painkiller at relieving the pain and swelling of mild to moderate sunburn.

Take two tablets every four hours if you’ve caught the sun and the swelling should hopefully begin to go down.

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